Understanding Drain Cleaner for Different Situations

In order to maintain the overall hygiene of your home, you need to face the dreaded task of cleaning up your drains. Slimy substance dangling just beneath the sink flange, soiled surroundings of the basin and not to forget the stench that puts you off when the drainage gets clogged is nothing short of a nightmare in broad daylight. It is indeed a daunting task to get the drainage clean.


So to make things a tad easier for you, we give you a quick snippet of what types of drain cleaners are suitable in which kind of situation.

  • Clogging of drains happens over a course of time. So an easy and simple way to avoid the situation all together is using piping hot water to wash your drains on weekly basis. This deters the grease, hair and scum buildup and hence you save yourself from later cleaning complications. A word of caution- Do not use it with PVC pipes. You do not want leaking pipes!
  • Made at home drain cleaners are your best bet when it comes to getting the work done with minimal effort and saving those hard earned money in the process. You can combine baking soda, vinegar and salt to get a highly effective drainage cleaner. The reaction and the fizz as a result of that reaction take care of the grease and soot particles. Read about some of the science behind this here.


  • Another quick do it yourself fix is adding baking soda and salt to the cream of tartar. This solution will get rid of slimy substances and also clean up the metal parts of the drainage pipe. You can mix baking soda, salt and cream of tartar in 1:1:1 ratio, pour it down the drain and let it rest for 30-40 minutes before finally washing it off with boiling water.
  • One more type of cleaner available in the market is enzyme based drain cleaners. These are effective in getting rid of calcified deposits along with breaking down any type other of organic matter in your drains. Another upside of using these bio-friendly cleaners is that they get rid of any kind of stench from your drain. Enzyme based cleaners are a little slow as compared to the other types but much safer not just for you but also for the environment around you. Here is a great list of drain cleaner that includes enzyme based products as well as the more potent types

Cleaning your clogged drain is daunting but it is not an unmanageable one. If you will keep in mind what kind of cleaning solution is effective under what circumstances, your workload will get reduced significantly.


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